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Bay Area Reach Codes City Staff Feedback Event - Shared screen with speaker view
Eryn Kim
@Nancy: Yes.
Julie Benabente
this group is coordinating with and will be using the statewide cost effect. studies to support any new/expanded reach codes, correct? I know they've been reaching out to us separately
Blake Herrschaft
Yes, we are coordinating. Where possible, we are leveraging their research. Where the research is inaccurate for our region or not applicable to our type of code; we will perform additional research internally.
Blake Herrschaft
We coordinate closely. Farhad and I spoke with them yesterday.
Andrea Chow
What does the MF meter mean? can you clarify those benefits?
Phillip Kobernick
Normally, EV charging is set up on a common “house” meter, not the resident’s meter, and a networked charger is used for billing. The stations come with an increased operating cost. Also, house meters are normally on a commercial rate, which is higher than a residential rate.
Andrea Chow
got it, thank you
Blake Herrschaft
Wow, quite the result
Erik Pearson
Re existing builidngs, in addition to cost to owners, also concerned about burden of enforcement on building staff
Farhad Farahmand
Great point Erik. Existing Buildings policies need to not add - and if possible, reduce - burden on city staff.
Blake Herrschaft
We looked into mechanisms for a workflow with Menlo Park last year - and can share findings. One interesting example of an existing building approach is the TRPA stormwater BMP ordinance. It is time certain requirement (add BMPs by 2012,) and is checked at point of sale as part of the transaction. Purchasers have 6mo after home purchase to bring BMPs up to speed. This brings part of enforcement outside the building division. However, that last piece - the 6mo followup - is apparently not well-enforced.
Julie Benabente
how do you determine the value of the project, is it coming from the person submitting plans
Jennifer West
Once passed, are there folks who are still complaining about the reach code - or did things quiet down once it was finalized?
Steve Padovan - Town of Los Altos Hills
Does Piedmont offer any expedited permit process or reduced fees to encourage changing out appliances?
Christine Tam
I'm curious to find out the uptake on electrification measures vs efficiency measures to comply with the reach code requirements for renovation projects
Alice La Pierre
Do you think that conducting educational webinars or sending homeowners information on why permits are the right way to go would help? Permits protect homeowners financially as well as preventing safety problems.
Alice La Pierre
The state has a great brochure -- "What to know before you hire a contractor." which has helped a lot of people.
Eryn Kim
To Julie's question, I wanted to add one more thing: architects/engineers/contractors will know at the time of application how much the project will cost (usually the not-to-exceed project budget). There are always some fluctuations throughout the project due to design/field changes. However, where there are significant changes, they are required to submit those changes as a part of on-going permitting/inspection process and building department will be able to identify if something seems very off.
Anthony Eulo, SVCE
cool idea
Veronica Tinoco
I noticed that an option for Piedmont had to do with plumbing fixtures. However, per Civil Code Section 1101.4, for any single-family residential real property, on and after January 1, 2014,building addition, alteration or improvement will require all non-compliant plumbing fixtures to bereplaced with water-conserving plumbing fixtures. On or before January 1, 2017, all non-compliantplumbing fixtures shall be replaced with water-conserving plumbing fixtures (regardless of whetherproperty undergoes alterations or improvements).
Jennifer West
BayREN Forum on heat pump technology registration for 3/17 event: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_5Emrs7asRbCjmgPbj7x5ZA
Alice La Pierre
Educate the building inspectors and the Housing inspectors on the changes in the plumbing code!
Joanne Kurz
It is important when we are forcing property owners to change to all electric appliances when they are facing an immediate emergency appliance replacement due to an appliance failure.
Blake Herrschaft
Agree, Joanne. Given the current contractor shortage we consider emergency replacements especially challenging. 120V water heaters are a promising solution for the emergency water heater replacement. On the HVAC side, temporary heating solutions have been raised. I believe the TECH Program has funded a grant for piloting approaches for emergency replacements.
Julie Benabente
I thought that I heard time of sale was a pretty small percentage of buildings in a year, any data on that?
Anthony Eulo, SVCE
Very small percentage of nonresidential buildings and multifamily. Higher for single family homes.
Alice La Pierre
Joan there are some problems with that -- vendors don't have the appliances in stock for one, and if it's a water heater, I know from experience that the homeowner or his/her agent will get the cheapest thing on the shelf and install it, which is typically a low-efficiency gas water heater. The problem is that the STATE allows these to be sold here. If the STATE did not allow them, no one would have immediate access to them.Case in point: We had an emergency water heater replacement at a fire station. Our Maintenance staff removed the old gas water heater, and bought a replacement that used more energy than the original one. Fire fighters live in the stations, and couldn't wait a week for a new efficient heat pump water heater to arrive.
Blake Herrschaft
Julie, good point showing the weakness of time of sale. In the last 12 months, 3.4% of homes in San Mateo County were sold. (So, over 10 years that’s 1/3 of homes.) Obviously many homes are never sold - especially in CA due to property tax regs.
Anthony Eulo, SVCE
Thanks Blake. Recent state proposition should reduce property tax issue.
Adrienne Etherton
It is at the same time as your event! March 22nd 9-11am - LGSEC/CCEC event on CA Building Performance Standards
Nancy Humphrey
Joanne Kurz
2nd part to my question.
Jennifer West
The LGSEC event is also on March 22 from 9:00 - 11:00 - so conflicts with your next webinar.
Farhad Farahmand
oh drats! ok we may need to reschedule
Farhad Farahmand
thanks Jennifer
Christine Tam
Have any cities look into disallowing new gas connections to outdoor amenities such as fireplace, BBQs, hot tub?
Alice La Pierre
Will the proposed REACH codes focus on electrification? This leaves a lot of opportunities on the table, including building envelope measures, and water efficiency measures, including use of graywater. Also, electrification only adds significantly to the Demand energy on the grid, which is not at all good.
Alyssa Dykman
yes, Piedmont is looking into that Christine
Christine Tam
Thanks Alyssa - I'll reach out to you separately
Joanne Kurz
The service on an existing house with a water and / or furnace replacement service is undersized and can not accommodate this. Now they need to upgrade the service and PG&E infrastructure has to be upgraded also accommodate their upgraded service, Who will pay this cost for the PG&E infrastructure upgrade. Who will pay the cost to disconnect the gas in the street. The simple water heater replacement will cost the property owner thousands of dollars. Has this been factored in? This will make people not get replacement permits, there for making less safe buildings.
Alice La Pierre
Encourage solar thermal for hot tubs!
Julie Benabente
our separate natural gas infrastructure prohibition ordinance cover "new infrastructure" so including outdoor fireplaces etc.
Blake Herrschaft
Joanne, we are spending a lot of time looking at two solutions to this. The most interesting being NEC 220.87. A metering based approach to calculate panel headroom based on existing energy use data.
Christine Tam
Is bioethanol fireplace a problem for Fire department at any city?
Blake Herrschaft
While a 100A service line can accommodate 24kW, we have found the average peak demand over 2 years for PCE customers to be closer to 6kW - leaving more headroom that previously thought to fit appliances. Personally, I am going through the process of going all-electric at my house on 100A with a hot tub to test the case.
Beckie Menten, EBCE
One thing to keep in mind is that currently the TECH program offers a $2,800 incentive for switching out service panels - only for residential customers but it makes now a great time to make the transition.
Alice La Pierre
Is storage included as part of the all-electric municipal code? It would help with Demand reduction on the grid. Solar does not need to be tied to this, but battery storage, that charges during super-off-peak hours, and then discharges during Peak hours, would help considerably.
Christine Tam
@Blake: the electric distribution grid typically was planned to support an average of 3kVA per home, e.g. a 37.5 kVA transformer supports an average of 12 homes. While we can max out a 100A panel, the transformer would not be able to handle the load if half the homes on that transformer are electrifying
Alice La Pierre
Thank you, Christine.
Blake Herrschaft
Christine! This is exactly the information we have been looking for. Maybe we can work together specifically on upstream impacts to the distribution grid
Menlo Park, Rebecca Lucky
Is there a list of cities/counties that have adopted this code without any exceptions? If so, the date of adoption?
Blake Herrschaft
Alice, storage requirements are not in our model code. We could add something but have generally shied away from anything which adds significant capital cost burden on the builder/homeowner. That includes both solar and storage. Our model code has solar as strictly optional.
Sarah Moore
What is the thinking about expanding the municipal gas infrastructure ordinance beyond new construction?
Blake Herrschaft
Rebecca, I think Farhad has made that exception table. Not sure if we did it by adoption date, but we have that in another table
Michael Alvarez
Sorry, I jointed late. Is there a break out room that I should join?
Tiffany Wise-West
Defining Industrial Process Heat @ 350 Fahrenheit provides an Objective Standard
Erik Pearson
Another reason our Building staff has asked for simplicity...they contract out a lot of plan check services and it is difficult to train the consultants.
Jennifer West
This brings up the question of how much parking is being provided, right? Reduced parking spots would also reduce the costs associated with EV infrastructure? Have you looked at that based on different cities' parking minimums? It is a tug between encouraging low-traffic developments and encouraging EVs...
Tiffany Wise-West
Thx, all. Will pptx be shared?
Joanne Kurz
The Code books are not available until July.
Menlo Park, Rebecca Lucky
Thank you! Great work on this large team effort!
Andrea Chow
Thank you!
Breann Boyle
Thank you!
Steve Attinger
Please send us copies of today's slides.