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Polk Co EOC Stakeholders Briefing - Shared screen with speaker view
Malaney Abel
When will the Polk County website update to include Tier 2? Since Governor Reynolds' press conference on Wednesday.
Ryan Guldenpfennig
Are these slides available for the public?
A.J. Mumm - Polk Co EMA
Yes. They will be uploaded to the Polk County Health Department's website within a couple of hours after we adjourn.
Ryan Guldenpfennig
Do you need proof of negative COVID test if fully vaccinated for travel?
Malaney Abel
This was skipped over quickly, when will the county start reaching out to organizations in tier 2?
Tony Leys
Do you have a rough estimate of when Polk County will be able to vaccinate adults up to 64 with health conditions? And what do you think of some Polk County residents in that category searching for appointments in other counties that are opening appointments to the next group?
Candace Milbourn
How soon will Iowa be receiving increased shipments of vaccine?
Keith Isley
What is the latest sense of when homeless individuals in our shelters (i.e., Bethel Mission, CISS) will receive vaccinations?
Ryan Guldenpfennig
By the data shared, approximately 50% of 65+ have been vaccinated and we will move to 64< with med conditions once we hit 70%. Is there an estimation on when the remaining 30,000 appointments will be completed?
Nicole Cable
Once we are 70% complete with phase 1b, tier 1 will we be continuing with subsequent tiers sequentially or doing all concurrently? Will opening of <65 with health conditions be throughout all tiers?
Malaney Abel
Do appointments still open up for Friday at noon?
Tony Leys
When you reach 70% of seniors, will you move just to the next tier of 1B, or will you move to the much bigger group of people with underlying conditions?
Louann Hart-Schaffer
When will private clinics in the community be given vaccine to administer?
Ryan Guldenpfennig
What documentation is needed to provide proof for chronic medical condition to be vaccinated?
Amanda Lewis
With the current rate of vaccination, will it be safe to return all students to school in the Fall including those with chronic medical conditions? Do you foresee continuing to recommend masks at the start of the next school year?
Nicole Cable
IDPH's modification of tiers has made a complicated system even more messy; has there been consideration of simplifying by age?
Scott Carpenter
Can Polk County residents go to another county and get vaccinated? Has that happened? Do you discourage people from going outside of the county they live or work in to get vaccinated?\
Amanda Lewis
Thank you for keeping us updated!
Tony Leys
If we're already at 69% of seniors, is it fair to say the next round could start as soon as next week?
Wade Robinson
Appreciate all that you are all doing.