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Ready, Steady, GO! Activating Better Child Care Through Stimulus Funding - Shared screen with speaker view
Heather Dunn
Hello and welcome, everyone!
Heather Dunn
Feel free to chat your questions and connect here!
John Peirce
Who will be researching the impact of aspects of the American Rescue Plan to help inform decision makers and lawmakers about the potential value to continuing or expanding those aspects?
Andie Tomek
Please also send Questions via Q&A
Kelly Pease
It seems easy with the Rescue Plan money, but is your phase three after that money?
connie merlet
Thank you, Reggie. While I know Early Learning is the fundamental purpose for state agencies, my experience is that Parents need a place to "put" their children so that they can work. If they can get high quality in the deal, great! But the spot is what parents MUST have. I think that has been very much in evidence this past year.
Portia Kennel
Excellent points by all panelist
Martha Rae
How can we use stimulus funding to re-attract Early Childhood Educators that have already left the field due to pandemic job losses?
Karen Enboden
totally agree Lauren, the workforce is the foundation and the sustainability of change involves them having the right balance of compensation and workplace supports
Kimberly Early
Exactly Nicole! We don't have to nor can we go back.
Kelly Pease
Ruth Schmidt
one might argue that the roll out of quality rating systems, the majority of which don't address compensation, was putting a horse before the cart. We need to fix financing and the business model of child care before we measure quality. Covid has also brought home the fact for many families that our K-12 system is also a workforce support mechanism that we publicly fund. Its about the money and not one time.
Theresa Roedersheimer
Very great point Ruth!
Martha Rae
Quality initiatives were put into place as a reaction to EC trends; our understanding of EC quality has changed but many state initiatives have not. Efforts on the I of QRIS should be top priority.
connie merlet
Horse before the cart- yes- that's what we have done! We have put dollars into training and education, which is great, but then we see our EC teachers leave for public school jobs because of money and benefits. Changing the system to allow teachers to have state (or group) health insurance and some kind of pension benefits would go a long way to keeping a stable EC staff. Private providers simply cannot do benefits, much as we would like to!
Portia Kennel
SO true Linda But in Child care the funding is cut or lost
Martha Rae
For an excellent tutorial on how federal $$$$ flow to EC, watch Ms. Hogan's youtube, youtube.com/watch?v=OTXOb0xkDY
Susan Sarver
To see an example of how both federal and state funding flows to providers see this report of Nebraska's funding: https://nebraskalegislature.gov/pdf/reports/committee/appropriations/lr390_appendixD.pdf
Ruth Schmidt
How do we keep our state conversations from becoming highly partisan?
connie merlet
Q- What would you suggest RIGHT NOW to expand numbers in the work force? Because RIGHT NOW that is what is limiting the numbers of children I (and the vast number of providers in my state at least) can enroll.
Susan Sarver
Andie, yes -- the previous link goes directly to the PDF; this link is the webpage with other resources -- https://buffettinstitute.nebraska.edu/resources/reports-publications
Ruth Schmidt
This was a wonderful conversation. Would love to see you host additional panels. Smart and thoughtful. Thank you all.
connie merlet
Just sayin'- wealthy daycares apply for grants, just like wealthy school systems. Poor centers ( and basically no family providers) don't have time or ability to even apply.
Portia Kennel
I have another meeting Great thought provoking webinar
Chris Duggan
Great conversation! Thank you all for your leadership and thoughtful comments.
Martha Rae
Andie, are you referencing Ms. Hogan's youtube? I viewed this as part of NAEYC 2021 PPF, perhaps ask Ms. Hogan how to access.