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Careers Excellence in Practice Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
AoC Events Team
Welcome everyone, we will be starting n 6 minutes. Please write comments/questions here into the chat function. Welcome to also tell us where you are from!
AoC Events Team
Hi Deborah, attendees will not be able to turn their mics or camera on. Please do write down any comments here and we will pick it up.
Ian Munro
for more information on awards email awards@aoc.co.uk
AoC Events Team
Hi Charlotte, yes the presentation and recording will be shared with attendees.
Andrew Webster
Please some of our work supporting the FE sector here. https://www.careersandenterprise.co.uk/our-research/careers-provision-colleges-what-works
Ian Munro
https://www.collegeawards.co.uk/ for Beacons and then CEC award
Andrew Webster
So pleased that Lisa can join us - please read more about the TMC approach here: https://www.careersandenterprise.co.uk/news/developing-career-centric-strategy-fe-delivery
Nicola Hall
For additional information regarding how the Careers and Enterprise Company can support your Careers Leaders and College offers, please do get in touch via education@careersandenterprise.co.uk or via your local Enterprise Coordinator
Andrew Webster
Thank you again for joining us - we've got a lot of high impact info for you during todays session - please do use the chat function for any questions...
Hazel Kindley
How do you approach work placements for your A Level cohort?
Andrew Webster
Does Lisa's approach resonate with college colleagues joining us today?
Gordon McAlpine
As a governor Yes
Genevieve Dady
They need to click on the image
Lisa Tomkins
I double clicked onto the image of the slide and it filled the screen
AoC Events Team
Hi all, you will need to click 'swap shared screen with video', if you hoover over your screen it will come up at the top - a tiny box
Hazel Kindley
I mean more from a study programme point of view - do students complete placements in their own time or during one block week etc. Do students aim for placements that are linked to one of their A Level, linked to ambitions or anything that would allow them to develop their transferable skills. We find it easier to integrate work experience within our vocational courses but are still working to increase the amount (and quality) of work experience undertaken by our A Level cohort so I would be really interested to hear more about this
Andrew Webster
HI all - as we're moving through the presentations quite quickly, any questions which aren't answered today will be captured and you will receive responses following the session - thanks
Andrew Webster
We hope that as the CEC we're working with all of you already. For those that we are not engaged with, please refer to the attached College Roadmap, which helps to provide you with an overview of how we can support your careers programmes: https://www.careersandenterprise.co.uk/sites/default/files/uploaded/1072_college_roadmap_digital_.pdf
Andrew Webster
Hi all - I'll be talking in a few moments about our plans to create a national FE Community of Practice - the aim of which is to build on and share the excellent practice and expertise being highlighted today. We would like to engage with you all to build this virtually. We wish to offer this on an assumed opt-in basis - please indicate in the chat if you wish to OPT OUT - many thanks.
Andrew Webster
Just to remind colleagues, any further questions following on from the session please engage with your local Enterprise Coordinator OR email education@careersandenterprise.co.uk
Alvina Morey
Excellent presentations by all the colleges - most impressive
Nicola Hall
Superb presentation content across the board, thank you so much to all the presenters this afternoon....inspiring.
Vikkie Morton
We have 4.0fte careers advisers at L6 or above. We don't fully achieve B8 as we have over 20,000 students 4,500 aged 16-18 so capacity and scaling up is a challenge. We have a number of staff currently undertaking L6 quals and Careers Leader training.
Ian Munro
thanks you Nicola for your support to the Beaons
Sarah Baker
Thank you - really inspirational
Rosemarie D'Ambrosio-Winter
Great session - all so inspiring and lovely to see everyone again.
Christina Abitha
thank you organisers
Rachel Green
Huge thanks to everyone involved - incredibly informative and inspiring.
Genevieve Dady
Thank you all