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The evolution of women in tech: Ada’s List x Kaspersky Event - Shared screen with speaker view
Merici Vinton
Can’t wait - thanks Anjali and everyone!
Oksana Teleshchina
Hello Maddy and everyone! Thank you for joining us today! We will have the panel discussion till 1:40pm and from 1:40 till 2:00 pm we will have the Q&A session.
Jay Duchin
Do you know of initiatives that have been effective within organizations that have helped change the hiring patterns to be more inclusive of women and minorities? Jay from Boston, MA
Yaroslava Ryabova
Dear all, if you post your question in the Q&A section, our panellists will be able to thoroughly answer them when our Q&A session starts :)
Inge Woudstra
What has happened with informal networks due to Covid? Typically men have a better informal network than women. Just wondering if that has intensified or whether if it has been easier for women to network, as we all have had to be more formal about our meet ups.
Inge Woudstra
Hi Jay, I run training programmes 'recruiting for diversity'. Here are some pointers: widen the places you recruit from, focus on those areas where your target groups are more represented, write adverts in gender inclusive language, limit the amount of requirements, make it really easy to enter (eg trial days), build a relationship with candidates. You also need to re-assess your selection process: who is selecting, what criteria you use, and what image you leave the applicant with. Inge
Jay Duchin
Love that line, “we’re not a banking company, we’re a tech. company”
Jay Duchin
Thank you Inge, I’m going to stare that advice through my nonprofit: TheSTEMvan.com
Jay Duchin
“Share” that advice not stare :-)
Inge Woudstra
I invited you on LinkedIn, Happy to send you some resources (:
Inge Woudstra
Great point Patricia! Don't change women, change organisations!!
Yaroslava Ryabova
Here's the link to the Women in Cybersecurity Facebook community supported by Kaspersky: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WomenInCyberSec. Everyone is welcome to join! :) The members are very active and network a lot!
Merici Vinton
Ingrid Karikari
yes totally!
Jay Duchin
I agree with Tim about men having awful networks. Some of the absolute best networks are women centric and I do my best to join them and participate.
Merici Vinton
ALL CAPS HARD AGREE. That’s why you telling other men about how you navigated the conversation with your wife at home about housework is so important. Other guys watching this, give it a go!
Jay Duchin
Women Who Code, SWE (Society of Women Engineers) and so many more. Most are zero ego environments and are all about helping each other.
Tim Campbell MBE
I do the tidying a dishwasher and washing whilst my wife owns the cooking and shopping . it works for us. i like tasks and completing stuff. my wife is creative and enjoys making sure we are all sated. each to their own but i had to own that i had to do my share. its a partnership
Inge Woudstra
Ah yes, Women have great networks for their social life and with peers. However, men - as Tim mentioned - typically have much more useful relationships when it comes to their career progress. They will regularly speak with their bosses boss. Are more likely to be informally mentored by more experienced people in the company. And discuss business deals in 'the old boys network'
Jay Duchin
We all know the importance of mentoring but rarely are people speaking up to say “I would love to help people and available to mentor” We must all be vocal when we want to share our experiences. I’m starting a program in my nonprofit “You must be a mentor to get a mentor” Not the final name but hopefully it will push people to take the next step.
Jay Duchin
YES! Can not agree more.
Jay Duchin
I encourage everyone to look at our “CareerConversations” page where we share stories of Tech people leaving tech to pursue other careers and nontechnical people retraining to learn more about technology. Physicist to chocolatier, fashion designer to additive/advanced manufacturing and more. https://thestemvan.com/careerconversations/
Nicole Whitelaw - Ada's List
Thanks so much to everyone for joining us today. Don’t forgot to join our Ada’s List Community if you haven’t already - https://adaslist.mobilize.io/registrations/groups/3331
Jay Duchin
Doing our best to build career opportunity/awareness in industries they never imagined.
Jay Duchin
Thank you
Merici Vinton
Thanks everyone! Great content!
Yaroslava Ryabova
Many many thanks everyone for joining us today!
Inge Woudstra