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Phil Bradford
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Prof. Satyajit Chakrabarti
My email is satyajit.chakrabarti@iemcal.com I am looking for collaborations and VC funding opportunities for exciting projects.
Jenq-Neng Hwang
Can dark energy still be applied to Heisenberg Uncertainty?
Phil Bradford
Prof. Tye - very interesting talk - cosmology leverages Engineering and Applied Science - can you speculate on how this expansion & dark energy & dark matter contribute to applied Engineering and Applied Science? I'm sure indirectly it will, but do you foresee any areas of application we might look at?
Son Vuong (UBC) - AI-IOT 2022 GeneralCo-Chair
please type your questions here for the speakers
Phil Bradford
Very nice talk Prof. Jain: Is safety-score Baysian?
Son Vuong (UBC) - AI-IOT 2022 GeneralCo-Chair
Please, feel free to type your question here as you have or take mic at QA after the spekaer's presentation. Thanks.
Phil Bradford
Very nice talk Dr. Boshuizen – in your talk I realized that IoT has a good amount of bad-economic regulatory road-blocks – another area is hearing aids for $5,000 when smart phones do *far more* for well under $500 – any opinion on a multi-front approach to allow IoT tech to benefit people?