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Great Decisions 2022 - Shared screen with speaker view
Aaron Karp
Q: It certainly seems that foul mannered Chinese diplomacy is domestic oriented. But the international consequences cannot be ignored. You note Chinese critics are appalled at the excess. What do Chinese diplomats think their aggressive rhetoric accomplishes internationally?
elizabeth waitekus
Why is China so insecure when they have such great resources?
Daniel Johnson
Based on your understanding of Chinese diplomatic posturing, how do you think they interpreted the US decision to diplomatically boycott the upcoming Olympic Games? And what might be the consequences?
Regina Karp
China’s current squabble with Lithuania over Taiwan’s status. Is China using Lithuania as a showcase for how its own Diplomacy exacts cost?
Michelle Kante
There is a general sense of alarm about China’s ascent to becoming a existential threat to the global order and it’s deals with Iran, Russia and economic investments as a “weapon”. Is this level of alarm justified? Furthermore, there is argument to take a more liberal internationalist philosophy in diplomacy and use multilateral partnership for the U.S., EU. And its allies vs. U.S. taking a more nationalistic assertive stance. Finally, should the U.S. and it’s think tanks and sources of information make a more concerted effort to understand Chinese think, history and who they are as a complex people?
Tim Heidt
Does the synthesis of civilian and military (or perhaps civilian and party) "mobilized" human resources stay domestic (in China) or does that go global, and if so, is there any feeling to the scope and scale of that global reach?
Matthew Hall
In some ways this seems uniquely Chinese but in others just another way of partaking in big state international politics, in particular authoritarian regimes. Is the uniquely Chinese aspect of this uniquely dangerous?
Aaron Karp
Q: China has no monopoly on rudely aggressive diplomacy. North Korean diplomacy long ago made rudeness to foreigners their national brand. As you noted earlier, it is something we associate with revolutionary governments. Does China still see itself as a revolutionary force?
Lee Lohman
Is the behavior of the Chinese diplomats part of a coordinated propaganda attack on the West, and particularly the U.S. If so, what are the other elements of the attack.
elizabeth waitekus
Why do we continue to allow Chinese students into our Universities when their ultimate aim is to continue the pattern of cyber attacks and theft of intellectual property?
Mario Mazzarella
Doesn't China's aggressive diplomacy and military actions serve to drive her neighbors like South Korea, Vietnam, India, etc., to move closer to the U.S. for protection, a result which diminishes and not enhances China's position?
Michelle Kante
Exactly. This is the same issue as assuming all Iranians are the poster children for terrorism
Michelle Kante
Some of our great mover in shakers in our nation have been Chinese Americans Asian Americans and Iranian Americans in many areas of business innovation, education, technology, etc
Michelle Kante
Peter, Thank you! We appreciate your life experience and sacrifice to communicate these important perspectives!
Aaron Karp
Thanks greatly, Peter.
Newzaira Khan
Thank you so much Peter!
Tim Heidt
Thanks very much!