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Weekly All Business Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Jen Bickford - 3 Rivers, Gen Mgr
Chad the second test for seasonal business is: Earned no more than 1/3 of its receipts in any six months in the prior calendar year. Can you give any clarification on this?
Jen Bickford - 3 Rivers, Gen Mgr
Also, if we received PPP the first time, and the new requirement is if we can show we were down at least 25% in any quarter, we would be eligible. Is this traditional fiscal year quarters or any 3 months compared to previous year?
Heidi Magnus - Firebrand Deli
When we are determining our gross receipts, do we need to include any grants we've gotten (from the city or the EIDL grant)?
Jen Bickford - 3 Rivers, Gen Mgr
On that document from the independent bankers of TX, it's listed in there.
Island Acres-Pamela
Also with seasonal business, should we use the shorter time that is allowed or the longer period, which by that time we were closed so had no employees? Will showing no employees prevent us as qualifying for forgiveness?
Heidi Magnus - Firebrand Deli
For the purposes of PPP, how is FT defined?
Heidi Magnus - Firebrand Deli
Can we apply for ETR & PPP?
Heidi Magnus - Firebrand Deli
Are there any hoops we should jump thru to get our EIDL grant forgiven? Or do we just sit tight?
Heidi Magnus - Firebrand Deli
We already applied, The EIDL wasn't forgiven. I'm just wondering if I should do something to get the full forgiveness rolling
Marsha Thorson
The entire EIDL loan is not forgivable though, correct, but just the advance if you took it?
Heidi Magnus - Firebrand Deli
Cool. Thanks, everybody!
Gunnison Chamber
Where are the majority of the positives coming from? any idea? age group etc..
Heidi Magnus - Firebrand Deli
I got the email. No txt
Is the county still receiving more Vaccines from the state?