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Polk Co EOC Stakeholders Briefing - Shared screen with speaker view
Jake Hedgecock
Good Afternoon Iowa Warriors!
Susan Judkins
We are hearing that many states are moving to phase 1B of vaccine distribution while Iowa remains in 1A with a possibility of moving to 1B around 2/1/21. Is there an explanation why we are lagging states that have moved to their next phase?
Diane Gladson
Kari- Does a close contact to a positive case that is in the same household to the + case always have to quarantine for 14 days? Is the 7 or 10 day option available to household contacts if they are able to totally separate?
Wade Robinson
How are inmates prioritized ahead of so many other individuals?
Christopher Lee
curious why higher education was removed from category 1b and how those educators/staff will be prioritized later
Susan Shields
If a patient got 1st dose at one clinic and that location has no availability for 2nd dose, can they get 2nd at a different location or is it required to get both doses at same location.
Hollie Schlesselman
Could the increase in cases among 0-17 year olds be due to the governor's latest proclamation that lifted the number of spectators at sporting events?
Brian Helland
Does phase 1B include local government officials as well as state officials?
Christina Murphy
Does Phase 1B include drinking water utilities?
Casey Villhauer
Is Polk Co being allocated Pfizer and Moderna product?
James Wettestad
What group are people who are younger than age 75 in, in Iowa?
john lins
Please confirm if Water/Wastewater utilities are in category 1B. Water is an essential element in the preparation and manufacture of all food consumed. Water Treatment plants must be able to provide an uninterrupted supply to support society’s food and sanitation needs.Operation of Water and WasteWater systems require operators to share common workspaces and often work in close proximity unable to maintain social distancing. The infection of one operator and subsequent required quarantine of coworkers could shut down a treatment plant.
Pamela Rosa
do you have a contact for the IA infectious disease board to ask these questions?
Adriana Mapes
How are vaccinating sites being told to verify that those individuals that arrive for testing are eligible based on the priority groups?
James Wettestad
I there a website for the Iowa Infectious Disease council? Could you share that? Thanks!
Adriana Mapes
Sorry vaccination not testing
Paul Gibbins
Nicole Cable
How do we think Pfizer will be given by community partners?
Wade Robinson
What is the contact information for the Iowa Infectious Disease Advisory Council?
Wade Robinson