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NYIC Press Conference: COVID-19 Response - Shared screen with speaker view
Steve Choi
Yeah - let me use my phone
Mark Libatique
hey everyone just an FYI, we carved our 2 minutes of speaking time per panelist.
Mark Libatique
we are going to do a question and answer section at the end of the briefing as well
Mark Libatique
Hey Folks, We will start the Q & A section shortly
Mark Libatique
I will use the Q& A function please be patient as I try to make sure we answer as many questions as possible
Annie Correal
Hi Steve and gang — when you talk about cleanup workers, are you referring to those working for industrial cleanup companies? Or domestic workers?
Annie Correal
Who have you heard from?
Aracelis Lucero
Best way to connect is via email alucero@masany.org or phone 718-213-7845
Mark Libatique
reema please send question to chat
Mark Libatique
same for sydney
Mark Libatique
apologies chat function seems to work best
Ah, sorry. Here you go: Hi! Reema here from Chalkbeat New York. Hope you’re all well. I’m wondering about your thoughts on the implications this will have for students who are learning English as a new language. How can the DOE best support these students? To be clear — wondering how remote learning will affect them
Sydney Pereira
Hi - Figured it out! Sydney Pereira from Gothamist here. What are the specific demands for providing money to restaurant/bar/etc. workers who are either laid off or on unpaid leave while places close? Particulary after recent announcements that those places are required to only open for takeout/pickup.
Sydney Pereira
Another Q: Have you all gotten specific concerns from immigrants or guidance on cost of testing for OTHER diseases? It seems other tests are conducted before COVID-19 tests to rule out things like the flu. Additionally, what about treatment specifically for both COVID and other diseases?
hey all. This is Manny from New Immigrant Community Empowerment (NICE). Here’s my direct contact information in you need to follow up: manuel@nynice.org 646-345-8140 (text is better)
Anu Joshi
I have to jump off now. thanks all.
Mark Libatique
Hey Folks, If there are no other questions, thank all for participating and putting up with our technical glitches! Our comms team will be sending a release out shortly as well as a recording of this briefing for your use.
Sydney Pereira
Are there specific languages that are often forgotten or not translated in informational documents/