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Voices of Equity in Energy - Shared screen with speaker view
Pamela Fann
If you'd like to ask a question, please put it here and I will call on you to ask it.
Sepideh R. (She, her) - Unrooz Solutions
This is an amazing session and panel. I am so bummed I have to miss the rest of it. I want to thank SEEA and the panelists for tackling such a challenging topic to educate us. Please please please continue this great work. See you in the next session
Pamela Fann
Sepideh, we are recording it, so please make sure you go back and watch it.
Erifili Draklellis, RMI (she/her)
On this point - I’m curious if there are any notable existing efforts you’d like to mention around including young Black folks in clean energy jobs
Peter Rumsey
For diversity, what challenges or opportunities do we face that is unique to the energy industry that is different than the rest of the economy. I’m especially interested in the energy efficiency and decarbonization side of the business.
Pamela Fann
This is the same in many SE cities!
Emme Luck (she/her)
so well said, Phil!
Pamela Fann
I've got you Steve.
Amadea Clement
That’s right!!! Team MDEA
Gayle Sims
Spaces for these important conversations are few and far between. Thanks for supporting our voices in the field of energy.
Susan Nedell, E2
Thank you so much for this honest and open discussion. I have to leave early, but look forward to the recording and sharing with my colleagues at E2 - Environmental Entrepreneurs.
Pamela Fann
Thank you for attending, Susan!
Erifili Draklellis, RMI (she/her)
Sorry I didn’t realize this session was longer than an hour! I have to hop unfortunately. Pamela, could you please read my earlier question for me so I can see the answer on the recording? “I’m curious if there are any notable existing efforts you’d like to mention around including young Black folks in clean energy jobs, like organizations specifically dedicated to doing this or doing it particularly well?”
Gayle Sims
Awesome point in terms of equitable distribution of resources across communities.. Everyone pays a utility bill!
Pamela Fann
Yes. I will ask it for you Erifili.
Erifili Draklellis, RMI (she/her)
Thank you!
Jill Ferguson
Marshall - have you ever felt that yours and Curtis’s innovative REC Upgrade to $ave PAYS + broadband + EV+ land programs would be something that more utility leaders emulate and celebrate if yall were white?
Chandra Farley, PSE, Atlanta
That is an important distinction Anthony. I like a colleague's description - equity can be a vehicle to justice.
Pamela Fann
Great point, Chandra!
David Yosuico | Stanford '21
When not in a leadership position, how have you been able to raise concern for issues about race in the workplace? Are there any significant times you held your tongue because you didn't feel comfortable doing so?
Mary Shoemaker
The Emerald Cities Collaborative does great work through their E-Contractor Academy to prepare small, minority, women, and veteran contractors for jobs in energy and water efficiency! https://emeraldcities.org/about/national-initiatives/e-contractor-academy
Mary Shoemaker
ACEEE also just published a report highlighting a few utilities with inclusive energy efficiency workforce development programs. Here’s the summary blog post: https://www.aceee.org/blog-post/2020/10/utilities-can-diversify-energy-efficiency-workforce-heres-how. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions! mshoemaker@aceee.org.
Pamela Fann
Thank you for those additional resources, Mary!
Chandra Farley, PSE, Atlanta
Thanks Mary! I had not seen that report!
David Yosuico | Stanford '21
Thank you all!!
Pamela Fann
Thank you all for attending! This was such great conversation!!!
Steve Epstein
identical resume, one David J Williams, other Dejuan J Williams. 1000s sent out, David received twice as many callbacks. Let’s fix it!! Thank you all
Pamela Fann
Thank you, Steve! Yes, let's change it!
Mandy Mahoney- she/her/hers
Thank you panelists! Y'all rock!!
Huiet Joseph
Thank you to everyone for attending