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Events Subgroup Standing Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Erin Lustig
1) In an outdoor tent: Is there a separate spacing guideline? Or, do we need to use the same guidelines as indoors?2) Regarding indoor capacity: On the Gunnison PH Order, we are limited to 50, but on the State’s page under the Blue guidelines, they state that we can have a seated event with up to 50% capacity (or 225) so long as there is 6’ spacing between groups. Is it possible to have more than 50 with appropriate spacing? (I’m working on events in the 75 person range and trying to keep them inside the clubhouse + the deck if possible)We have a fairly large facility at our main Clubhouse and I am planning for June, July and August events.
Bryan Wickenhauser
If we are in Blue, why are we not at 175 for Outdoor events at places like the I Bar Ranch like we were in Summer 2020? Where was the 100 capacity for outdoor based upon?
Dance floors are still not allowed in Gunnison County correct? Do you have any idea if and when this will change? New York state is now allowing dancing in assigned grids for each household, greatly spaced away from other groups. Is this something that could be considered in the ERMA? 
This meeting is occurring monthly correct? First Monday of each month at this time?
Erin Lustig
Is there such a thing as a standing waiver? Vs. an ERMA for each event? If so, what's the process?
Erin Lustig
Yes. In Skyland
Erin Lustig
Seated dinner events, weddings and golf dinners
Dana Zobs
If I am hired (catering) by a private home owner holding an event at their home do I need to advise them to apply for the ERMA? Or am I required to do it as their caterer?
Sibby Schlaudecker
Would you recommend for June weddings that we wait until the 1st or middle of April to submit an ERMA? Or is it the county preference that we submit ERMA now and then resubmit if restrictions are loosened to allow more guests?
Sibby Schlaudecker
Ok thank you - that is very helpful!