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2020 Vanderbilt Prize Virtual Event & Discovery Lecture - Dr. Doudna - Shared screen with speaker view
My brother-in-law has Huntington's disease. Are there any clinical trials that he can enroll in?
Fernando Elijovich
Could simultaneous targeting of multiple SNPs be envisioned as an approach to reduce risk for polygenic disease
Annie Hatmaker
Really fascinating talk, Dr. Doudna! I'm curious about how you react to (mostly inaccurate) pop culture references to CRISPR, for example in the TV show Luke Cage or the movie Rampage. How can scientists better inform broader culture to ensure accurate portrayal of scientific discoveries?
Walter Chazin
Thanks so much for your talk. One of the issues about genome editing over the years has been the accuracy of genome editing. What is the current progress in this realm?
Parham Habibzadeh
Can CRISPR technology be used in the treatment of infectious disease? Possibly targeting the viral RNA for example?
Nidhi Jyotsana
Thanks for the great talk! What would be a better way to target fusion oncogenes using CRISPR technology, targeting the RNA transcript or targeting at the DNA junction considering, every patient may have a unique DNA junction sequence.
Sudiksha Kumar
Amazing talk! I was wondering if you had any advice to young scientists and students?
Mary Schaefer
Excellent talk. Dr. Doudna, what type of work is your lab doing with DARPA?
Pamela in Nashville
Not a scientist but thrilled to learn about all of this. Great talk! Enjoying the book Code Breaker - what do you think of the book?
Sundaram Acharya
Great talk Prof Doudna! any lead on solving the structure of prime editor? 2nd question is, what is the precision of CRISPR targeting in the homopolymeric stretch of sequence?
Leigh MacMillan
How concerned are you about heritable human genome editing?
Manny Ascano
Thank your for your talk! Given that the ethics around genome editing remains an unresolved issue, how do you envision the use of RNA-guided RNA cas homologs like Cas13 as a more viable therapeutic strategy?
Matthew Petrovich
Good talk! What is the most prohibitively expensive part of this technique that you would improve to make it more widely available?