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Crisis Support Town Hall: Leading Change, Programs & Service Pivots - Shared screen with speaker view
Marisa Swystun
Marisa Swystun
Tennessean Op Ed ^
Brad Palmertree
CNM is collecting info on the CARES Act and other federal and state relief packages here: https://www.cnm.org/cares-act-information/The page will be updated as information and resources become available.
Council on Aging of Middle Tennessee
Can you please repeat the principle that you articulated relating to maintaining your staff? You said something about equity...
Sarah McCormick
And your 4th principle. I missed that one
David Moore
Principles: 1. Public health interest, 2. No long term harm, 3. Reasonable level of comp for as many as possible, equitable, for length, 4. Minimize revenue loss and use facilities, 5. Identify revenue
Kathryn Swanton
That is a fantastic plan!
Priorities for Decision Making: 1) Protect the Public Health Interest 2) Do no long term harm; don't do anything in the short term that is irreparable when the crisis is over 3) Maintain a reasonable level of compensation for as many staff as possible, in as equitable as possible for as long as possible 4) Minimize revenue loss and reposition facilities to meet the critical community needs 5) Explore and evaluate external resources that could help our organization support our first four principles
Marisa Swystun
From David Moore: 1. Relationships: How do deepen, expand, recommit to those we serve in appropriate and non-disruptive, valuable ways 2. Get proactive: Find time in your universe to start imagining week, months, etc. Hard to adjust plans (Scenario Planning); maximize flexibility; imagine a whole range of scenarios and responses; 3. Avoid the suicide corner: Dry erase board, 'old work, work you know how to do, new work you have to learn how to do'... same for relationships... "new" is called suicide corner. Don't get stuck there. Yes innovate but watch for this "new ideas + new relationship". You can interchange 'strategy' for 'work' and 'relationship'; stick to what you know.
Dawana Wade
Thanks, Dan. I expect I'll "steal" some of this language going forward - but I'll definitely give you credit!
Jacy Warrell
This suicide corner talk is giving me heartburn as someone who is on first day of the job!
Marisa Swystun
sorry Jacy!! hang in there.
it was a collective effort with our Senior Team :-) Feel free to steal it and tweak it to make it your own.
Marisa Swystun
Thanks Dan, very helpful
Marisa Swystun
Emily, didn't we get a question from someone in advance of the call? Brad, do you have any questions to share here for Tari?
Marisa Swystun
… any we are getting outside of this call?
Brad Palmertree
I don't have on my end.
David Moore
I'm hesitant to make staffing changes because it could impact what we get from the CARES Act. How are others navigating this?
Brad Palmertree
*I don't have any on my end*
Chelsea Hardin
Questions submitted in advance: Rebecca Ratz, Friends of Shelby Park and Bottoms: What information do you have on how the Federal legislation will benefit nonprofits?
Rebecca Ratz
has anyone begun shifting fundraising events online?
Council on Aging of Middle Tennessee
Analysis / guidance of the provisions in the CARES Act that affect nonprofits would be very very very very appreciated. Particularly the SBA loans and UI (unemployment insurance) benefits.
Brad Palmertree
Visit our website for guidance on the CARES Act. It will be updated as guidance becomes available https://www.cnm.org/crisis-response/
Donna Cielma
We are doing the same work, counseling, and staying on task with our mission, but we are seeing a huge decline in clients participating. All our sessions are online and phone sessions. This will have a tremendous financial impact on us, as well as on our staff. Will there be help through the stimulus package?
I believe there is also a clause that if you do lay people off but apply for the grants, but return to full staff after this passes, it still is forgiven
Council on Aging of Middle Tennessee
Yes, you must re-hire by June 30 in order for the loans to be forgiven. But let's not forget that the loans are only for 8 weeks (2 months) right now.
Marisa Swystun
Payroll Protection Program PPP: Applications live on Friday.Take these preliminary next steps:• If you need board approval, seek it now.• Reach out to a lender you know:o Find out if they are an SBA lender and whether they will be processing the SBA 7(a) Paycheck Protection Program loanso These loans will be appealing to lenders because of the 100% guaranteeo UWW is in discussions with a national lender about processing local United Way applications, but that is not final• Begin to prepare documentation you will need for the loan application:o Proof of your payroll expenses for the 12 months preceding the date of application for the loano Payroll expenses do not include any portion of an individual's salary over $100k/year or federal tax paymentso Payroll expenses include salary and many benefits like health insurance and retirementhttps://www.cnm.org/crisis-response/¬¬¬¬¬¬ https://www.sba.gov/funding-programs/disaster-assistance
Marisa Swystun
Megan O'Roark
The Tennessee Kidney Foundation is moving their event to be completely virtual: https://tennesseekidneyfoundation.org/tkfevents/
Megan O'Roark
They kept the same date and format, but moving it all online
Anita Teague
Will we be able to get a copy of this Group Chat? There are a lot of good notes from here.
Brad Palmertree
@Anita: Yes, the recording and chat will be made available on our website here: https://www.cnm.org/crisis-response/
Kathryn Swanton
I have seen musicians partner with nonprofits to help fundraise. They are performing live and people can "donate" to be mentioned by the band or request a song-similar to how you might tip a DJ to move your favorite song to the front.
Council on Aging of Middle Tennessee
Are small nonprofits that are SUTA exempt eligible for unemployment benefits under the CARES Act?
How many hours a day are you all working right now?
Brad Palmertree
@Council on Aging: I'm unsure, and I'll find out.
I think yes, Brad. It is not on the eligibility checklists.
Thank you!!