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The Current State of 529 Plans and ABLE Accounts: What You Need to Know - Shared screen with speaker view
7036244082 Ashton
Bryson is brilliant and the best kid ever!
Motria Horodysky
Is there a maximum an=mount you can put into a 529 plan?
The College Funding Coach
The maximum annual contribution is currently $15,000 per beneficiary per year.
Motria Horodysky
is maximum deduction dependent on you annual salary? or does it phase out as salary increases?
Liss Cole
What are the pros/cons of investing in a state 529 plan vs a private/federal 529 plan?
Motria Horodysky
Does having a 529 plan hurt you when colleges /FAFSA calculates parental contribution for college?
Monica S
I've heard of some people opening up a Roth IRA for their child (who works for the family business) instead of an 529 plan. What would be the pros and cons of this?
Liss Cole
What are ABLE accounts? Will owning rental properties as a landlord negatively affect ability to qualify for need based financial aid for private school or college?
Motria Horodysky
what is ABLE?
Liss Cole
You mentioned benefit of whole life. What are pros/cons of term life?
Motria Horodysky
How do I make an appointment with you/your team? We've spent all our $ on 1st child, but 2nd one is HS frshman.