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Webinar: Indigenous resilience, militarism, and the coloniality of the border - Shared screen with speaker view
leona morgan
Speaking of letters, we are in a public comment period now to send letters to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to stop the nuclear waste dumps. I mentioned one (Holtec), but there are two applying for licenses now and just 40 miles apart, the deadlines are September 22 for Holtec and November 3 for Waste Control Specialists, here are sample letters and information you can use to send comments yourself: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CleNVaLGWM42EU1xgDB_kZ0rUr7s8904/view
leona morgan
WCS comment letter: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CleNVaLGWM42EU1xgDB_kZ0rUr7s8904/view
leona morgan
opps! Here it is: https://actionnetwork.org/letters/let-the-nrc-know-that-you-oppose-wcs-radioactive-waste-dump/thankyou
leona morgan
general info: http://nonuclearwasteaqui.org/
leona morgan
Our org Nuclear Issues Study Group has put together a web series to learn more about Holtec, WCS, and nuclear colonialism: https://www.facebook.com/NuclearIssuesStudyGroup/videos/
leona morgan
Please feel free to share and contact me if you have any questions, i will be happy to do teach-ins and also have info for indigenous/tribal governments
leona morgan
We are translating our videos with Spanish subtitles, but it is taking time
leona morgan
The best way to reach me is by phone, feel free to call or text and let me know you saw this presentation: leona-575-425-0879
Nellie D
Thank you for the invitation as a panelist!