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Institutes of Technology: Wave Two - Shared screen with speaker view
krysia wooffinden
are there any qualifying criteria for non Core FE partners?
Arti Saraswat
Please send any questions and also specify if these are aimed at our DfE colleagues or for Andy. Thanks
Belinda Lowe
Is it possible to send a summary of the EOIs where they maybe regional cross over, so that we can consider collaboration?
Belinda Lowe
1500 learners in yr 5? Is that the total number of in-year learners for yr 5 or new recruits for yr 5?
Steven Wright
How firm is the requirement to cover the whole of a LEP? Our footprint covers more than one LEP. Our 'home' LEP is large and has profoundly different employer mixes in different regions, so it will be hard for anyone to produce a genuinely unifying LEP that serves the whole region. Two sub-LEP IoTs would have a better chance of serving their respective communities.
Richard Bell
Employers may be reluctant to engage and commit with IoT's due to the current public health scenario ..... will this be taken into account within application process?
Len Tildsley
Can an FE college (or other provider) be involved in more than one IoT partnership?
Len Tildsley
Two sites in two LEPs
Steven Wright
10 would sound better
Steven Wright
Not all applications would need to burn cash