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Recovery Initiatives - Shared screen with speaker view
Hallie Chillag (she, her)
Thank you everyone!
Hallie Chillag (she, her)
Please do not forget that we are sharing video to have a highly engaging session today
Hallie Chillag (she, her)
Let's work collaboratively through video and honor this special topic, time, and our esteemed and accomplished panelists
Lauren Hines
Feel free to put comments/questions in the chat please.
Salam Haffar
thank you so much to our guests for sharing their stories and experiences! how can healthcare providers better advocate for recovering drug addicts?
Jasmine Lafferty - UC
WV is made up of a lot of smaller rural communities, while drug court covers most counties in the state do you find location is a barrier to drug court participates, especially during the pandemic?
Clinton Liang
How are participants found eligible to be participant in drug court? Is it based on a recent arrest where drugs/alcohol were the main arrest reason? If so, with a record of a drug arrest does the drug court program also help rehabilitate the person into society such as finding a job with an arrest record?
Lauren Hines
I will try to find a good time to ask the questions you have! :)
Angie Reinhart
Thank you for sharing your story Ryan! What additional state resources did you find most helpful while overcoming your addiction?
Jasmine Lafferty - UC
From both a participate and "employee" of drug court, what is one thing you feel is done efficiently and one aspect you are hoping to improve?
If drug court doesn't work, do you think drug clinics that provide methadone or suboxone are a good alternative for certain cases?
My Huyen Vo
Are there programs available to groups of low socioeconomic status who don't have a criminal background? For example the homeless population?
Jessica Sexton
What type of treatment is provided in drug court? Medication assisted treatment (MAT)? Or does it vary from one person to the next?
Angie Reinhart
Since the opioid epidemic started, does the state of WV still distribute any products created from Purdue Pharma?
Nick Leftwich, Supreme Court of Appeals of WV
If you all would like more information regarding what we've talked about today or about Probation in general, please email me at Nicholas.Leftwich@courtswv.gov and I'd be happy to continue the conversation.
Holly Southers
Thank you all very much for taking the time to have this discussion, and thank you Ryan for sharing your story!
ryan mullins
Thank you to everyone for letting me speak to you all and to be apart of this discussion. I truly am passionate about these types of topics. Like Nick, if anyone wants to connect, my email is ryankmullins31@gmail.com or my phone number is 6813139090!
Savannah McMillion
Thank you for taking time to speak with us!
Salam Haffar
thank you all for speaking on this incredibly important topic and sharing with us the work you’ve done for the state to combat the opioid epidemic!
Jade Caputo
Ryan your story is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!
Jessica Sexton
Thank you for speaking with us today.
Rachel Boyce
thank you!!!