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Time to discover your own back yard - Supporting Australia’s visitor economy - Shared screen with speaker view
Clive Dwyer
Welcome everyone and please submit any questions on this chat and remember to join the 'open mike' session the end of the forum.
E-ROOM Committee for Melbourne
Thank you for joining us today. Your questions have been noted and will be passed onto the panel. You will receive an email after the event containing the recording of the forum and a survey to fill out. We will also be sharing the recordings on our social platforms in the coming weeks, so look out for this and feel free to share.We are now moving into the e-networking session and are taking a moment to upgrade you and give you access to your microphones and video so when you see the option to please feel free to turn them on and continue the discussion and ask the questions we didn’t get to. 
E-ROOM Committee for Melbourne
you should now all have access to your microphones and videos so please feel free to unmute, ask questions and join in the conversation
Jerry Hodgins - Melbourne Theatre Company
Thanks Everyone!
Adele Labine-Romain
thank you everyone, what an important conversation !