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NY Conowingo WIP - Shared screen with speaker view
Deborah Caraco
Hi Scott,
Deborah Caraco
Do you want to ask questions out loud or should I bring these out to answer?
Mike Lovegreen
Are Ag BMP goals based on all agland identified in identified basins or have Agland acres with existing BMPs been removed?
Amanda Barber
Can you show some of the relevant slides for us.
Deborah Caraco
To answer Scott's previous question, the estimated total cost in New York State is $1.5 million per year.
Are there other dams that will be in this position? Do you anticipate that dredging will be an acceptable practice for our WIPs?
Amanda Barber
I'm assuming that the same level of practice verification will be required regardless of which WIP we are serving.
Tom Vigneault
In addition to CWIP project funding, please consider funding for additonal staffing that would be anticipated for the additional and separate tracking/accounty/review/reporting efforts.
Carly Dean
That's right, Amanda. All protocols for reporting and verification that are currently required for the Phase 3 WIPs will apply to the CWIP.
Amanda Barber
Soil and Water Conservation Plans seems low too
Amanda Barber
I also was going to mention that in NY we work as a team and would not necessarily need county based information/targets, etc. We in NY are likely to just want to look at this as a whole and handle reporting in a way to demonstrate progress.
Amanda Barber
NY has a reporting system that should be used rather than creating a separate CWIP system.