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Workshop 1-Utilizing Alternative Methods to Market and Promote Your Company Virtually - Shared screen with speaker view
Neal Manchester/ Allied Group
Chris, thanks for not discounting print and mail. Neal M - The Allied Group.
Chris Davis
Direct Mail and printing will always have its place in my marketing plan. Touch & Feel relay quality and class
David Chenevert
Does anyone have any questions for Chris or Mark?
Joe Iannone
Good point on the use of videos. This is for Chris and Mark. More companies have to utilize videos to promote themselves and companies services. I have seen Hippovideos. Which ones which would you recommend that is free to get in and the ongoing cost is reasonable. Trade-shows will come back but for 2021 will be virtual and not be "normal" until next year at the earliest but plan for it...yes! Marketing NEEDS to transfer directly to sales leads or viable connections or it doesn't work for me.
nice job, very informative. have to sign off
Joe Iannone
I like the concept Mark has presented because we all want to know who is hitting our website and the info (name, phone # and email) so I can jump on it now! Also for Trade Shows the virtual format has to evolve even before COVID the cost to travel, food, entertainment etc for companies were getting high and now most executives see virtual trade shows work to gather info and network. We think things are going back to normal but the new abnormal is more like it and hybrid shows are going to work better for attendees not for exhibitors so much but need to adapt.
Chris Davis
Thanks for the questions Joe. Love the viewpoint
Joe Iannone
Is that a virtual "Free Lunch" or REAL :) all kidding aside great job Chris and Mark and David