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Conowingo WIP meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Rich Pfingsten
Rich Pfingsten, Stantec
Donald Callihan
Donald Callihan, Gunpowder Valley Conservancy
Alice Archer
Alice Archer - Harford County Farm Bureau
Mark Dobbins
Mark Dobbins, Elk and North East River Watershed Association
Curt Howard
curt Howard Izaak Walton league of America - Maryland Div
Jason Keppler
Jason Keppler - Maryland Department of Agriculture
Duane Hovorka
Duane Hovorka, Izaak Walton League of America
Donald Callihan
Donald Callihan, also Baltimore Area Council BSA
Curt Howard
will there be more discussion about expanded opportunities for citizen science programs and ngos as force multipliers?
Rupert Rossetti
My questions and concerns are organizational.Just to confirm, this is an incremental target to the existing Phase III WIP goals?Where does the accountability lie? Local jurisdictions - townships, counties? States? elsewhere?Locally, would the Cecil County WIP Team and Cecil SCD be the right places?How does a local jurisdiction balance the Phase III WIP demands vs these new ones?
Rupert Rossetti
That helps, thanks.
Rich Pfingsten
The private sector industries would have interest in finding and developing other innovative projects such as stream and floodplain restoration on private properties within the WIP area to reduce nutrients, and has the capability of financing such projects under a speculative banking arrangement. But while we can provide the up front financing for implementation, we would ultimately need an end user or purchaser of the credits. Local jurisdictions tend to focus on spending their dollars in their MS4 areas, and not rural areas like the MD portion of the Conowingo WIP area. Who would be the end user or purchaser of these banking credits in the CWIP, where would this funding come from, and what do you see as a pay-out scenario so that bankers can be assured they can sell the credits they financed?
Curt Howard
what type of BMP outreach is going to be done for landowners with Ag practices
Duane Hovorka
Why no mention of restoring soil health as a strategy? Rebuilding soil health through practices like cover crops can reduce runoff of nitrogen, phosphorus, and sediment, and the financial benefits for farmers can bring private dollars to the table.
Rupert Rossetti
So to put a positive spin on my earlier question - Conowingo WIP private funding could help enhance and expand existing Phase III WIP projects - thinking specifically about Old Order Amish who are hesitant to accept government funding.
Rupert Rossetti
That helps a lot. Partnerships rather than competition.
Chip MacLeod
On behalf of the Clean Chesapeake Coalition, sediment management including dredging in Conowingo reservoir deserves more consideration as a BMP to measurably and meaningfully reduce the amount of Nitrogen (and P and TSS) loading into the Maryland portion of Chesapeake Bay. Such activity would literally give the upper Bay breathing room to recover. What does the CWIP Steering Committee need to give more consideration than a contingency item? By: Chip MacLeod
Rich Pfingsten
Rupert Rossetti
Many thanks. Great intro and discussion
Duane Hovorka