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Race and Faith with Rev. Traci Blackmon - Shared screen with speaker view
Maya Dietz
So glad you could all join us! If you have questions for Rev. Blackmon, we invite you to write those questions in the Q&A.
Maya Dietz
Amen - Space for Grace!! Beautiful.
Maya Dietz
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terry sheets
Would love to see a conversation start about statues to be added in an effort to ire-right history? Also, do you see the importance of keeping statues that are a part of history so that mistakes in history are not repeated?
Maya Dietz
We welcome your questions for Rev. Blackmon. Please feel free to place them in the Q&A!
terry sheets
My comment should say "re-right" history
Wendy Dearborn
These talks are beautiful, instructive, and enlightening.
Barry Huff
As a fellow Eden alum, I wanted to thank you deeply for your vital ministry and the inspiring and important insights that you have shared with us today. The founder of the Christian Science Church grew up in the Congregational Church, so it is especially meaningful to have a leader of the United Church of Christ--the current denominational name of the Congregational Church--speaking so powerfully to a Christian Science college today. Many thanks!
Margi Griffith
This talk has been so powerful and helpful. Thank you so much Principia for hosting this series of talks and this one in particular!
Jeralyn Lewitz
What a beautiful woman and a beautiful message!
Maya Dietz
Rev. Blackmon was co-written a bible study for churches on white privilege. It can be found here: http://privilege.uccpages.org/
Lora McMullin
What a blessing for us all!!
Winnie Needham
with deep gratitude- thank you!!!!
Thomas Cowart
Thank you
Wendy Dearborn
Wendy Dearborn, thank you so much. Wonderful!
Barry Huff
We would love to have you visit!