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Mississippi Telehealth Association - Shared screen with speaker view
Ryan Kelly
If anyone has any questions or comments for our panels or speakers, please enter them into the chat box.
murray harber
If you have any questions, please send along via chat and we will ask the panelists
Michael Adcock
Great Job to Murray and all of the panelists. It was great to hear your perspectives and expertise.
murray harber
Randy - do you think that DTx can help engage the untreated/undiagnosed or those hesitant due to stigma?
Ryan Kelly
If you have any questions for our panel, please enter them in the chatbox
Stacy Hammett
We are in the process of implementing a school TH program. Can you provide more info on the grant and how I can get more info on that
Ryan Kelly
Yes Stacy. Baptist is indeed a fantastic facility for providing care in our local schools, and I think that the funds provided through the Department of Education would be applicable to your clinics/hospitals. We will be sure to make you aware of the availability to apply for these funds if/when an application comes available. Right now we are still in discussions with all of the state partners on the parameters of how this will go.
yes Stacy! Thank you for the comment. This would be a good user group call once we get info to share. Appreciate the feedback
Stacy Hammett
Any hopes of covering services for inpatient specialty telehealth consults
Stacy Hammett
you're right
Stacy Hammett
We have several rural hospitals that do not have specialist so the specialist from our larger hospitals can see the patients via telemedicine at the rural hospitals