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EADI webinar 19: How to reach the (extreme) poor through inclusive development policies in sub Saharan Africa?
With Profs Nicky Pouw and Marleen Dekker

In spite of high and sustained economic growth in many developing and emerging economies since the 2000s, large groups of poor and vulnerable people have remained excluded from increased welfare leading to widening inequality.

Addressing this through a policy focus on inclusive development suggests a move away from growth-oriented agendas to a broader framework on wellbeing, redistribution and equality of opportunity and outcome.

This webinar will introduce a policy analysis framework to understand inclusive development from a bottom-up perspective of the poor and diversified vulnerable groups, the stakeholders involved and the importance of uncovering the transaction costs related to access and reaping the benefits of the interventions, programs and processes.

Second, the webinar will briefly discuss the results of three empirical studies on inclusive development policies, programmes, interventions and processes and the hidden costs in accessing and using them, especially from the perspective of the ones who are, or risk being, left behind.

Participants in the webinar will be invited to share their experience and a collective reflection on the proposed conceptual framework.

Nicky Pouw is Associate Professor in Economics of Wellbeing at the Governance and Inclusive Development research programme (GID) of the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research at the University of Amsterdam

Marleen Dekker is Professor of Inclusive Development in Africa at Leiden University. She is trained as a human geographer and her interdisciplinary research analyses the role of social norms and networks in accessing markets and local socio-economic development.
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