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Move Into Stillness
Here are a list of recommended household items which we will be using in order for you to best experience the class:

— at the start of class we will sit in a chair so please be ready with yours. Something like a kitchen or folding chair would be best - comfortable but provides back support and arm mobility. If your feet are not able to reach the floor, please use something like a cushion or large book to make up the space.

— your mat

— 3 or 4 large bath or beach towels (in lieu of yoga blankets)

— a bed pillow or sofa pillow

— a long belt or strap will be used to ease range of motion. A bathrobe or other fabric belt is best. Could use a scarf

— a small blanket or throw if you would like something over you for warmth when we are lying still
Jul 10, 2020 10:00 AM
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