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Webinar: Social Innovation Policies - What role can hybrid business models play in generating social innovation?
The ever-changing organisational environment and the increasing popularity of SDGs has made it indispensable to rethink the concept of value creation and to create cross-sectoral collaborations to achieve the Global Goals. The trend of change justifies the development of hybrid business models: the hybrid business model is more than a model of the dual role of social enterprises, as it places emphasis on cross-sectoral cooperation, highlighting policy makers (government), NGOs and companies as key players.
In the hybrid business model, the NGO understands local community problems intimately, the government is responsive to the needs of the community through sound policy, land use arrangements and transparency, and businesses work with both to serve the poor as a customer, partner, employee and supplier. This is particularly true for cross-sector provision of public (welfare) services, for which the sectors cooperate (joint venture).
The purpose of the webinar is to demonstrate the essence and role of the hybrid business model in the development of sustainable business operations from both a business and a social perspective through concrete examples and case studies.
Our expert will work with participants to answer the following questions:
• What is the role of the hybrid business model in initiating cross-sectoral dialogue and cooperation in generating social innovation?
• How does the model relate to social innovation and the policy level?
• What concrete examples and business models can be used to understand hybrid operation?
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