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Dancing Diaspora Community Class ONLINE!
Going on its 3rd year, Dancing Diaspora community class is a weekly celebration of the vibrant movement, music, and culture created by brown and black people all over the world. Diaspora is a complex word that signifies both place and displacement, connection and disconnection, memory and futurity. Hosted by Dancing Diaspora Founder, Marina Magalhães, this dance class seeks to translate such ideas into the body — how can we embody principles of Latin & African diasporic dance practices while exploring our own unique expression? How can we simultaneously embrace rigor and instinct, tradition and creativity, ancestry and individuality? Dancers are encouraged to cultivate an intimate relationship with the ground, a mobile spine and expressive pelvis, playful improvisation, and deep musicality.

Dancing Diaspora Collective is thrilled to host our community class online for the first time ever!

All bodies and levels of experience welcome.

Suggested donation $5 / no one turned away for lack of funds / larger donations welcome to support local artists in this challenging time. Donations welcome via Venmo @marinaomagalhaes or PayPal to

Open up some space in your casita, turn up the volume, y a bailar mi gente!
Please choose only one meeting to attend.

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