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A Twelve-Week Chronological Prophecy Study
The Sure Word of Prophecy Study
This prophecy study will be completely different from what you have experienced in the past. We will go through the entire Great Controversy from the Scriptures, starting with the rebellion in heaven all the way to the new heaven and the new earth. In this study guide there are 12 lessons:

1. The Rise of the Great Controversy - this study looks at the beginnings of the great controversy in heaven and its entrance here on earth as well as God setting in motion His plan for the salvation of the world.

2. Satan’s Attempts to Thwart God’s Plan of Redemption (Part 1)
3. Satan’s Attempts to Thwart God’s Plan of Redemption (Part 2) - this two part series covers briefly the history of the world from the fall of Adam and Eve to the time of Daniel.

4. The Sacrifice - here we focus on the fulfillment of the seventy-week prophecy contained in Daniel 9 - the most important prophecy!

5. Satan’s New Plan - because Satan has failed in stopping God's plan of Jesus' sacrifice, he has to come up with another plan to prolong his life. This study will look at that plan in more detail.

6. From John to Eternity (Part 1)
7. From John to Eternity (Part 2) - another two part series covering major portions of the book of Revelation - the churches, the seals, and the trumpets - in preparation to bring us to the time of the end

8. The Beast from the Bottomless Pit - this is a study on the beast in Revelation 11 that rises at the prophesied time of the end

9. The Beast from the Earth - continuing with our timeline, we study how America plays a role in prophecy

10. The Three Angels’ Messages and Babylon - a look at the three angel's messages historically as well as how it applies to us today. What do those messages mean?

11. The Seven Last Plagues and Second Coming - we look at the final and last desperate clash between good and evil before the 2nd coming

12. All Things Made New - finally we see the culmination of our hopes and dreams with the re-creation of the heaven and the earth
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