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Building Evaluation Capacity of an Organization in Times of Turbulence?
Evidence-based (or, results-based) decision-making’ is a common catch phrase of senior officials in all sectors. Implicit in such a claim is an ability of organizations to measure and analyze the relevant ‘evidence’ and understand how expected ‘results’ are achieved (or, why they are not achieved). A critical tool for such measurement and analysis is systematic evaluation. Canada, with over 40 years of evaluation experience is known as one of the global leaders in this field. Despite this, the reality is that in many sectors, evaluation capacity is quite uneven, and, for many organizations, often quite limited. Is it appropriate to be considering evaluation capacity building (ECB) during a pandemic? It is, if the evaluation function is designed and operated to be well-performing, relevant and capable of providing value added input to decision-making and overall governance. This session will examine evaluation capacity building within a ‘systems’ context. A framework will be presented that has been ‘road-tested’ at an organizational level within Canada and at a national level in several other countries. The framework can be used as a ‘road map’ for organizations at varying levels of maturity with an evaluation function – both for assessing ‘readiness’, and for devising a strategy and plan for evaluation capacity building.

Robert (Bob) Lahey was the founding head of the federal government’s Centre of Excellence for Evaluation (CEE). He headed up evaluation units in four federal departments/agencies. In 2004 he established his firm, REL Solutions Inc., and, in addition to work in Canada, has worked with international agencies (World Bank, IDB, AfDB, UN agencies, UNEG, etc.) and countries across the globe on a broad set of evaluation issues. He has several publications on ECB (World Bank, UNEG, CJPE). Currently, he is writing a paper on the impact of COVID-19 on the practice and use of evaluation in supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),

Mar 24, 2021 12:00 PM in Halifax

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