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Menopause and perimenopause webinar
A live webinar from Dr. Vicky Hobbs and Dr. Heidi Kerr
experienced GPs with a specialist interest In women’s health - helping empower future health.

Explaining the changes occurring for women during this life transition, Discussing symptoms, self-management, and when to seek help. Including an interactive Q&A session.
Vicky has developed a keen specialist interest in Women’s Health. She completed an MSc Certificate in Community Gynaecology alongside the Faculty’s Medical Education qualification. This allows her to run a weekly advice and guidance triage service to fellow GPs which won a commendation award at the Primary Care Women’s Health Forum. Holding the Faculty Certificate in Menopause Care, Vicky’s knowledge in this field, including bone health management is highly valued.

Heidi is a practising GP partner with a strong interest in diabetes, cardiovascular risk management, and women’s health. Her passion is to ensure patient engagement in their lifestyle to improve their health outcomes. She thoroughly enjoys education, with experience in teaching medical students, fellow doctor and nurse colleagues, and many years as a GP trainer.
Gateway HSW Consultants are bringing this event to WIHS network working in partnership with VHK Education. The session will be chaired by Clare Richardson Partner Director, Gateway HSW Consultants.

May 21, 2021 10:30 AM in London

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