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Higher education and the pandemic in East and Southeast Asia: Are there models here for the rest of the world?
There are striking differences between countries and cultures in the manner in which the pandemic experience has been managed. These differences are associated with variations in the outcomes of the pandemic, and have also had practical consequences for higher education, where again, regulation has differed from country to country.

Does the East and Southeast Asian experience of the pandemic in higher education, which has played out in distinctive cultural and political contexts in which individual and family understanding of the common good is well developed, have lessons for other parts of the world including Europe, North American and the emerging country systems in South Asia, Latin America and Africa? What is the appropriate government policy for higher education under conditions of a global pandemic? Are there stellar examples of individual institutions’ handling of the pandemic? What are students and faculty saying in East and Southeast Asian countries? How do these systems handle relations between individual freedoms and social protection, the economy and public health, higher education responsibility and financial sustainability, and mobility/presence and online connectivity in learning?

Sep 17, 2020 02:00 PM in London

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