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Un-Saving the World: Doing Good Without Burning Out w/ Michael Smith
No one wants to save the world. This can be tricky to see but immensely relieving once recognized. It dissolves a pattern that often causes burnout in folk who are trying to do as much good as they can — while also revealing why so many efforts to do good create the opposite effect. In this three-part series, ex-savior-aholic Michael Smith will offer a framework for both understanding and directly experiencing the underlying truths here. The aim is to offer relief, pop some beliefs that serve egos instead of compassion, and embody kindness in a way that matters. The first session will be an introduction and overview with some discussion and hopefully a little experimental practice, and the following two sessions will focus on practice and embodiment with content TBD based on what happens in each session. We're also planning on inviting engagement through between the sessions.

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