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NES Annual General Assembly 2020

1. Election of Chair for the meeting, secretary and two members to check the minutes of the annual general meeting.
2. Annual meeting relevant to the declaration
3. Approval of the agenda
4. NES Board annual report incl. member societies activity reports
5. Financial report from the treasurer
6. Procedures with surplus/deficit in the financial statements
7. The auditor's report
8. Board's freedom of liability
9. NES board's proposed budget and activity plan 2021
10. Decision on annual fee
11. By-election of auditor
12. Other matters:
a) Suggestion from IDA AM (Denmark) about dissolution of NES
Discussion of proposal
Voting procedure
Results of the voting
Discussion of results
Next needed activities.
13. Closing the NES Annual General Meeting

Letter from IDA AM: Suggestion for the annual general meeting 2020
IDA:AM statement on NES activities and performance
(For entire letter with full background, see attachment in announcement from your member organization)

IDA:AM suggestion:
We suggest that the annual meeting vote on the issue to start up the procedure to dissolute the NES society as described in §9 and §13 in the statutes; to be fulfilled as soon as possible.
On behalf of IDA:AM Rikke Seim; Chair of IDA:AM Jakob Ugelvig Christiansen; Board member in IDA:AM and NES
Copenhagen 30. August 2020

Jan 11, 2021 05:00 PM in Stockholm

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