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VENDOR TALK TUESDAYS Tips & Tricks-of-the-Trade with Miss NebSa
OUR LIVE DISCUSSIONS might be the only opportunity in the world for vendors to regularly learn from each other internationally.

FREE REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED to attend any session live. Choose your dates below.

VIDEO REPLAYS ARE AVAILABLE to 2nd and 3rd floor members who pay a monthly fee for full access to all programs.

WE MEET ON ZOOM, a virtual classroom where we can see each other's faces and really get to know each other while discussing problems and solutions.

VENDOR TALK IS IMPORTANT because vendors dare not try to learn from run of the mill "business gurus" out there. Ordinary retail wisdom does not apply to us.

Unless somebody has been a successful full-time vendor for many years, they probably don't have a clue about what it takes to make a living at fairs, events and marketplaces.

First of all, vending in a booth is the exact opposite of selling in stores. We often discuss the psychological differences between store shopping and booth shopping.

It's crucial for vendors to know the difference. Otherwise they end up acting like store clerks and hurting their vending business without even knowing it. Even hobby vendors want to have more fun making more profit.

There are so many reasons why us vendors have to stick together, and share our tips-&-tricks with each other. The main reason is that nobody else understands us.

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Until then,
Be Inspired ~ Stay Inspirit

~Miss NebSa, Founder of 'The Village To Vendor Pipeline'

Feel free to text me at 937-546-9400
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