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How Artificial Intelligence can be simply applied in Your Business
A.I. and optimizing data are now important, and are practically used, in all industries and types of businesses.

This session simplifies A.I. and gives you insight as to how it can be applied in the context of your business.

Wed 17 Nov, 10:00-12:00

The session will be open so that you can ask questions specific to your needs.

Data has become an invaluable asset within every business. With Artificial Intelligence companies are using their data to grow revenue, optimise operations and increase productivity. But with so much hype around A.I. in the media it is difficult to see where A.I. can provide real value for your business.

This workshop will discuss what problems A.I. can solve for your business (and what it can’t do), how developing a data strategy is crucial for successful adoption of A.I. and what value A.I. is delivering to businesses today.

Speaker: Dr. Iain Keaney,
AI Engineer & Strategist

Iain has helped 100’s of engineers up-skill in artificial intelligence across multi-nationals and startups throughout Europe and the US. As a data scientist Iain’s initiatives helped drive a $10 million market cap increase for a US based startup. Iain received a PhD from MU for his work in applying AI to optimise wave energy converters.

Nov 17, 2021 09:30 AM in Dublin

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