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Moving on Music: Introduction to Functional Breathing for Musicians
As musicians, we rarely really stop to think about how we breathe unless we are singers or players of woodwind / brass instruments. However, even those of us who are trained in maximum breath efficiency during performance are still not as likely to question our breathing patterns at rest and while going through our daily lives. Whether you are performing at professional level or enjoy music-making in your spare time, the way you breathe in other contexts of your life has a profound impact on your stamina, performance efficiency, concentration, anxiety levels and general health.

This workshop will introduce the effects of breathing on performance anxiety, posture, onset of fatigue and functional movement. We will learn about breathing for peak musical performance through traditional pranayama practices and the scientifically grounded Oxygen Advantage® method. Participants will have the opportunity to try simple and accessible breathing techniques and ask questions.

Mar 25, 2021 04:00 PM in Dublin

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