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Lloyd's of London- Track Your Time: Boost Your Productivity And Reduce The Pressure
There is a mistaken belief that perhaps we think we are busier than we really are. Regardless of whether you are working excessive hours or not, believing you are short on time can trick our brain making you feel in a constant state of scarcity and emergency.

“Workload and pressure to deliver are one of the greatest causes of stress and mental health concerns”.

The good news is that you can change your relationship with time, so that you can gain a feeling of control, safety, achievement and clarity despite a never-ending to-do list and set more achievable boundaries with your work life.

An understanding of your time perception will make a radical difference. This small change - being more aware of what you do in your waking hours will have a cascade of other benefits too.

Join us to learn how to change your relationship with time so that you can feel more at ease and in control. Learn tools to help you better organise your time to maximise efficiency in your work. Nonetheless, learn how to best communicate with your team to ensure clear and realistic expectations and reach a common understanding and mutually beneficial boundaries.

Key learnings:
- Learn how to move from a sense of time urgency so that you can feel at ease regardless of how long your to-do list is
- Gain time by mapping tasks in your day to understand and maximise the time efficiency of your working schedule; and gain a sense of achievement and satisfaction at the end of each day
- Learn effective team communication tools to fully understand requirements, set expectations and create boundaries

Dec 14, 2021 10:00 AM in London

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