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Chayah Club Daily Devotion!
Affirm it!
Every day, I choose faith over fear!
I choose joy.
I seek first the Kingdom of God, and all things will be added.
Depression is a global epidemic affecting lives, families, homes, schools, workplaces, communities, countries, and society.
Research has shown that prayer, fasting, meditation, daily devotion, journaling, storytelling, goal setting, vision board, empowerment, inspiration, positivity, gratitude, daily affirmations, declarations, and a supportive community, Chayah Club, are excellent success habits, happiness, resilience, and stress management strategies.
The fear is so real of this global pandemic, lockdown, and social distancing… But God!
You choose to die to your ‘old self’ daily and live powerfully, faithfully, joyfully, and fearlessly in Christ.

Gain the strategies to overcome fear with faith every day to live fully!

Be empowered, encouraged, equipped, and elevated throughout this journey, run with grace, and win this race called life. Don’t let fear rob you from achieving your dreams, blur your vision, demotivate you with a fixed mindset, and weaken your faith.

It’s time to move forward, fearlessly!

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