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Bioenergetics w/ Devaraj Sandberg
Therapist, workshop leader and writer, Devaraj Sandberg, will lead an introductory session of Bioenergetics - a neo-Reichian bodywork practice - for The Stoa.

The traditional approach to treating trauma and conditioning goes in through the mind. We are guided to introspect on our thinking and behaviour, to make connections between our past and our present circumstances, and to learn how to let go of the past and make positive changes.

However, because the effects of trauma and conditioning are actually held physically - in the body - they may also be addressed in that environment.

Working with the body in this manner also removes the biases that can come from living in an environment where there is much subtle and non-subtle influencing about how we "should be." Understanding that we are blocked, we can simply work to remove the blocks, knowing that whatever remains will be a more pure version of our authentic self.

In Bioenergetics, we put our body into specific postures and then endeavour to maintain the posture, whilst breathing deeply through the mouth and remaining intimately in touch with the felt sense of the body. At some point, holding patterns from the muscle system begin to release.

The aim of Bioenergetics is to leave you feeling more grounded and more open, better able to hold safe boundaries and simultaneously more okay with being vulnerable.

Session Timetable:
-Introduction to Bioenergetics and the session - 15 mins
- Guided Bioenergetics session - 30 mins
-Q&A - 30 mins

Please wear loose clothing and take responsibility to not be intoxicated.

Some of the exercises will require a small amount of sound, perhaps grunting or similar. Please ensure you are in an environment where this will not disturb others.

Devaraj Sandberg

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Oct 3, 2020 10:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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