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Webinar „Migration and Environment – Which Feedback Loops?”
Global environmental change is expected to increase the pressure on vulnerable communities and to interact with already existing migration drivers. Research on the diverse ways in which environmental factors influence migration abilities and outcomes has been expanding rapidly over the past decade. However, environmental impacts on sending, transit and receiving areas associated with migration, and potentially resulting risks for migrants themselves, remain comparatively little understood.
This webinar aims to contribute to enhancing our understanding of the environment-migration nexus by exploring potential feedback loops. The focus is on environmental risks and change in the context of migration, which may become migration drivers or barriers themselves and thereby alter existing migration patterns.

This virtual event will comprise 3 (tbc) compact input talks by different experts with an emphasis on empirical research and time for questions and discussion.

Dr. Kimberly Rogers

Kees van der Geest
Laura Merz
Prof. Arild Angelsen
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