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Confronting Back-of-House Traditions: Primates as a Case Study; with guest speakers Sabrina Brando, Director, AnimalConcepts, and Jon Coe, Director, Jon Coe Design Pty. Ltd.
Non-public animal areas in zoos, often called “back of house” (henceforth BOH), also “off-display”, “bedrooms”, or “holding areas”. Progress has been made improving animal quality of life in larger, more naturalistic and enriched indoor areas. However, we observe that quality of life in the BOH areas has improved little in comparison and can result in animals being confined in less stimulating and enriching spaces for substantial periods of the 24-hour day. This presentation will give an overview of our research in order to substantially improve animal welfare in BOH areas and conclude by suggesting a new integrated design model based not upon rote standards, and copying old models, but building rather on empirical foundations while embracing empathy and innovation.

May 26, 2021 11:00 AM in Amsterdam

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