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Acrylic Painting, Adults - Lauren Adams
Explore the versatility of acrylic paints! Learn the basics of value, color, and composition in a relaxed setting with plenty of up-close demonstrations and Q&A. The course is open to all levels of experience from near beginners to more experienced artists. Adult 18+

Please arrive on time to class.
This class is live and interactive.
Recordings will not be shared.
Questions about Acrylic Painting: Contact

Suggested Supplies for Acrylic Painting: All Levels:
If you don’t have something on the list, use whatever you have at home.
Remember to wear your paint clothes or a smock-acrylics are permanent!
Brushes: Have at least one small and one large round brush and one small and one large flat brush to start. Instructor will discuss brushes during class.
Acrylic Colors:
Professional grade acrylics are recommended such as Golden or Liquitex.
Have at least one set of primary colors (red, blue, yellow) plus, burnt umber and titanium white. Buy artist grade titanium white even if all other paints are student grade. This limited list of colors will get you started for the first class and additional supplies will be discussed during following classes.
Some examples: Cadmium red medium, ultramarine blue, cadmium yellow medium -or - Alizarin crimson or napthol crimson, phthalocyanine (phthalo) blue, hansa yellow, water container, paper towels, stretched canvases, canvas boards or canvas pads. Assorted reference materials (photos, photocopies on your phone or tablet) or still life set up. A non-absorbent flat palette.
Acrylic Clear Medium - matte or gloss
Mister or spray bottle for water for keeping paints moist on the palette
Oct 19, 2021 10:00 AM
Oct 26, 2021 10:00 AM
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