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New Moon – Monthly Forecast
This monthly workshop with archetypal astrologer Becca Tarnas offers an astrological forecast of the lunation cycle ahead, beginning with the New Moon. Learn the meanings of the planets, aspects, and zodiacal signs, and how to navigate the archetypal energies of the month ahead. Participants will gain a basic foundation in archetypal astrology, and leave with an understanding of the astrological conditions of the next month, and how best to integrate this knowledge into their everyday lives. All levels of astrological knowledge are welcome!

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Becca Tarnas is an archetypal astrologer and scholar, as well as an editor of Archai: The Journal of Archetypal Cosmology. She has a local and online astrological counseling practice, and teaches at Pacifica Graduate Institute in the Jungian Psychology and Archetypal Studies program. She received her PhD and MA in Philosophy and Religion from the California Institute of Integral Studies. Her website is, which houses her writings, lectures, podcasts, and artwork.
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