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Mystic Grove Paganism 101 on 4th Fridays

This course introduces the practices, beliefs, and history of modern pagan spirituality. Participants in this rudimentary class are invited to create and maintain a student altar as we explore basic altar set up and ritual tools, the wheel of the year, deity, the four elements, and more. We also touch on different pagan paths and examine how modern paganism fits with Unitarian Universalist principles.


We have reached capacity at 30 students. Registration for the Zoom classroom is closed.

Though you cannot participate in "real time" discussion in the Zoom classroom, you can still follow along with the modules on the class mini website and participate in the Facebook Study Group. Modules open once a month after the Zoom class meets.


You can ask to join the Paganism 101 Facebook Study group at


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mystic Grove teachers have decided to offer ALL CLASSES FOR FREE from July 2020 - June 2021 in support of those who may have lost employment. Being able to participate in online classes in a safe, friendly atmosphere can give students a break from their everyday worries. It can help them maintain better mental, emotional , and spiritual heath.

As willing and able, a $5-$10 love donation per class is welcome but not required. You can donate $5-$10 as you go along, give $50-$100 once for the whole classes series, or donate whatever amount you like on a sliding scale. All donations are greatly appreciated.


You can use your card and donate online at the main church website. Go to and click on the DONATE button in the upper right corner under the search bar. When you fill the donation line in, please put "Mystic Grove Paganism 101" in the memo line.
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