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luciana achugar Morning Class
Join us live for Morning Class with luciana achugar 1-2:15pm EDT Fridays May 8-29.

What you need for class; Enough space to lie on the ground and extend all of your limbs out, and to move your limbs in your immediate sphere of potential movement without hitting something or knocking something down.

*We ask that you do your best to not arrive more than five minutes late for this class.*

Movement Research Zoom Etiquette:
Since many of us are new to taking class on Zoom, MR has compiled some etiquette guidelines to ensure that everyone’s time in class is full and respected. We ask that you "mute" yourself at all times, unless Faculty has asked you to verbally participate. If you’re dropping in to see how this class might suit you, please keep your video off. Send a message to just your instructor ("Chat" > "Chat with Host") so that they know that this is what you’re doing. It can be disorienting for both your instructor and fellow participants to see a video that is turned off, or one in which someone is inattentive. Have a question or concern? Use the chat function to communicate with the class and/or teacher.
Thank you! We hope you enjoy class!

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