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Reinvention for Business Survival - Open Keynote
Irrelevant. Outdated. Old fashioned. These are judgments made not only about too many professionals’ experience but also about companies, associations, products and services. The global pandemic has taught us that we have to be able to reinvent ourselves and our organisations to have any hope of success beyond survival.

In a fast paced, VUCA world, we need to be on constant guard that what we are offering the marketplace is resilient, robust, anti-fragile, innovative and essentially relevant.
This cannot be fixed by adding a new product line or taking a new course. We have to have a mindset of constant growth and development, constant learning, and lose our attachment to old ways of defining ourselves and our organisations.

In this open keynote, we will learn

- Why we need to reinvent
- How to re-skill, re-tool, re-qualify and reinvent to remain relevant
- How to anticipate the needs of future clients so that we can prepare in advance
- How to be on the pointed edge of our particular field 

There is enough money in the market place for products and services. There are enough jobs and tasks available in the marketplace for us all to be employed. But complacent leads to a failure to keep our skills and our companies up-to-date and that will guarantee that we will fall behind and become irrelevant.

The Presenter
Charlotte Kemp is a professional futurist, member of the Association of Professional Futurists and the President of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa. She also represents PSASA on the South African Events Council where robust discussion informs practical decisions about the state of the events industry that has been severely affected by COVID lockdowns and restrictions. Charlotte also wrote the book ‘Futures Alchemist’.

Open sessions
These Open Futures Keynotes are free to attend by anyone interested in the topic. Please feel free to share with interested colleagues.

May 27, 2021 09:00 AM in Johannesburg

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