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Building a robust M&E System: Incentives to use M&E information
Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) are at the center of sound governance arrangements. They are necessary for the achievement of evidence-based policy making, budget decisions, management, and accountability. There is no “best” model of what a government M&E system should look like. Much depends on which of the several potential uses of M&E information constitute the main reasons for building such a system.

The issue of utilization of M&E information is central to the performance and sustainability of an M&E system. Utilization depends on the nature and strength of the demand for M&E information—in other words, on the incentives to use M&E. Countries with little or no demand for M&E may be perceived as facing an insuperable barrier to efforts to build M&E systems, but this perspective is far too pessimistic.

There are ways to increase demand by strengthening incentives to ensure utilization of M&E information. Simply having M&E information available does not guarantee that it will actually be used, whether by program managers in their day-to-day work, by budget officials responsible for advising on spending options, or by a Parliament responsible for accountability oversight. Are there incentives to use M&E information? This webinar will discuss incentives to use M&E information for building a robust M&E System.

Oct 30, 2020 01:00 PM in Johannesburg

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