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Alexander Technique Practice with Jamee
You are invited to my zoom class held on Saturdays.

We will endeavor to find a deeper place of peace and support within our bodies in relationship with our biosphere. We have power here, we are not victims of circumstance. We have choices.

Our best action is to learn to modulate stress within ourselves so we can interact with people on this glorious planet Earth with better harmony and balance.

The relationship we have with our self and the natural world around us is designed to be innately supportive while we experience continuous changes in balance and a multitude of stimuli to respond to moment by moment---including world events. Imagine being able to choose a response to world events rather than being at the mercy of how they affect us.

We will meet Saturday's to explore at either noon or 1pm for 60 minutes per class.

Class is 60-75 minutes.

Fee per class, suggested: $15-25
Venmo: @Jamee-Culbertson
Paypal address: (Universal Tao Boston)

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