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The Way Forward Beyond the Dysfunctions of Modern Culture w/ Robert Gilman
Robert Gilman from the Context Institute is our philosopher in residence for the month of November. He will be building on his August visit to The Stoa where he described the main dysfunctions in modern culture as 1) clueless about psychodynamics, 2) narrow modes of cognition and 3) outmoded strategy for success. He’ll be diving deep into the way forward beyond these dysfunctions. The first week will explore what it means to be savvy about psychodynamics. The second will explore using diverse modes of cognition. The third will explore what’s involved in the new strategy for success. The fourth week will be an open exploration weaving together the threads of the previous weeks.

Week One: Savvy about psychodynamics
Week Two: Skillful with diverse modes of cognition
Week Three: Adept at the new strategy for success
Week Four: Weaving the threads

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